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Discount coupons websites. Do you want to create another Groupon? Do we make its copies? Yes, we do. There is a ready-made solution at a low price, so the website can be launched within 2-4 weeks. However, we have some other more interesting offers.

Groupon/coupon aggregators (successful examples include They bring customers to Groupon, Biglion and other discount websites earning 10% of each sold coupon. It is a very lucrative business today. We also provide professional services related to creating and developing startups in the sphere of electronic commerce, including Internet shops, auctions and partnership programs.

We will be able to develop an Internet shop, electronic trading site or any other website type for Internet trading within the shortest possible terms. We possess a vast experience and a great number of ready-made solutions. We understand this business quite well as our team includes not only software programmers but also people with a large electronic commerce experience. All ready-made projects are tested by owners and experienced employees of existing Internet shops.

Why to develop a partnership program? It will prevent you from risking your money by launching online advertising campaign and website development. In order to sell your products and services, you can engage a great number of other Internet users.

Your advertisement will appear on hundreds and even thousands of other websites. While you will pay only for that advertisement that will bring you some real orders.

We also create specialized solutions for tourism and hotel business, including systems for booking hotel rooms, tickets and cruise ship cabins.


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