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In the world, there are hundreds of Internet businesses that don’t sell themselves, but help others to sell. Online auctions, e-commerce platforms, stock exchanges, e-marketplaces: they have different names. They use various business models, algorithms, interaction between buyers and sellers. Some of them are fairly successful and it’s worth it to examine their experience more closely.

eBay The №1 online auction. An undisputed leader in North America and Western Europe. The company was founded in September 1995. In 1996, it had held 250 thousand auctions. In 1997, already 2 million. In September 1998, 3 years after the project’s launch, Pierre Omidyar, this startup’s founder, reached billionaire status.

Allegro. eBay’s grandiose success inspired a group of Polish Internet entrepreneurs from the city of Poznań. Founded in 1999, the Internet auction now has billions of zloties in profits and millions of users. Every 16 seconds, a new person opens an account on this website.
Currently, Allegro Group auctions function successfully in several countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS under the same name or a local one: Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazhakstan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and of course there remains the undisputed leader in native Poland. Planning to buy a machine gun? Or put your grandfather’s “Colt” up for auction? To do this, you must be an adult US resident with all the required paperwork. This project’s lucky star lit up when eBay banned the sale of firearms and parts for them. Tens of thousands of American buyers and sellers moved to, the site created by Steven Urvan. Today, it’s the third most popular auction resource in the US, and a very successful business. Do you need a used milling machine or an almost new shipyard? You’re in the right place. Engineering companies in the U.S., Britain and other developed countries auction used industrial machinery and equipment worth billions of dollars every year. Often entire factories are sold. In 2007, this British auction house sold the legendary Swan Hunter shipyard. A legendary auction in Great Britain, where 18 new BMW Mini Cooper S automobiles were sold for an average of 62 British Pounds each. It’s called a Unique Bid Auction.
Out of 700 auctions in 2009, participants bought luxury goods worth 708,324 Pounds Sterling by paying only £17,323. The average purchase savings on each lot was £1,004. One out of 58 persons participating in each auction was a winner.

The range of Auctionair lots is strictly limited to luxury goods, high-tech products and premium travel tours. Participants pay a contribution of 3 to 25 Pounds Sterling. Each one must propose his price for the item without knowing the other people’s proposals. If your bid is unique and also the lowest (or the highest, depending on the type of auction), you’ve won. This is how you can, with only a few tens of Pounds Sterling, buy a new car or a cruise to the Carribean.


Famous Auctions