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Committed, self-disciplined, flexible, eager with the capacity to understand the needs of website owners and visitors. These qualities are very important for an IT company. These guys have all of this. And also, they know how to sell online, have a lot of experience in this business and share it voluntarily with clients.

Falcongaze EU Ltd.

We are one of the most popular websites in our country. Every day we help thousands of people to find a new job and new employees. We have tons of experience and a strong professional team. Even so, collaboration with SoftAU was useful for us as much from a financial standpoint as a technical one.

Yevgeniy Litvinyenko, owner of the PRACA.BY job portal, Minsk, Belarus.

SoftAU GmbH is our strategic partner for Internet business development. For a successful traditional publishing house with thousands of corporate subscribers, it’s very important to integrate our business with the Internet. When we began collaborating with SoftAU, we already had a website. But it barely generated any profit. Our sales department had the task of making the online portion of our business profitable. And these people were really able to help us. It’s not only the websites and software they produce. They also build a profitable business for their clients.

Sergei Dolivailo, VP Sales, Belbusinesspress ZAO, Minsk, Belarus.

 Strictly observes deadlines and project budget, conscientious, perfectionist. For them, what they do is important. Often, they’re more attentive to the final product’s quality than the customer himself.

DPA, Riga, Latvia

The integration of new modules in a popular operating website isn’t an easy task. Here it’s important to: please the existing readership, attract new ones, not interfere with Google so that people continue to find us with search engines. The SoftAU team succeeded brilliantly in this task.

Publishing House for Professionals OOO, Moscow, Russia.

Only the best collaboration impressions. Everything is finished on time, according to project requirements. Everything works, saves us money and other resources, brings new customers and profit. It’s impressive!

Valeri Skochek, CEO and owner of Avotiņš-S Autoserviss, Ogre, Latvia

SoftAU are passionate about e-business in the best possible way. They are willing to fight for perfection all the way to complete and absolute victory.

Peter Anders, CIO, BaMARKET International SIA, Riga, Latvia


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