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Reveal Auctions or Reveal Price Auctions (AKA Express or Xpress Auctions) are a very popular Dutch auction variant all over the world. Here’s how they work:

  • Items are sold by the website’s administrators
  • The starting price is made public, it’s fairly high, no lower than retail
  • The current price is hidden
  • Participants pay (example: 5 USD) for each opportunity to see the price
  • After each of these views, the price goes down (by 1 USD)
  • If the price shown to the participant suits them, they buy the item

The auction owner’s profit is obvious . In the example described above, they receive 5 times more money than the discount they give out. That’s why reveal auctions are a very popular type of online business.

Money equivalents (debit cards, store chain gift certificates) as well as normal products (computers, cellphones, video game consoles, etc.) sell well in reveal price auctions. Since they’re always surrounded by a lot of fervour, several platforms offer the most recent and modern electronic gadget models for sale.

Examples of such auctions: is a ”pure” reveal auction with main focus on gift cards. is an international Music On-Demand portal very popular in Australia. Also operates in the USA and Germany. Makes money on Reveal Auction and Unique Bid Auctions integrated into the website.


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