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Should You Develop a Penny Auction Site?

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SoftAU Penny Auction is a powerful and quality platform for Penny Auction websites, and Pay-per-Bid Auction websites in general. With our platform, we can quickly set up a pre-configured project with standard functions, or develop a custom solution especially for you.

Basic functions for an auction operating according to the following rules:
The auction owner adds items to bid on. Usually, they are new and popular brand products: iPhone, iPad, HTC, Vertu, jewellery, gold bars, payment cards and other monetary equivalents.

  • The starting price is minimal (1 cent, or even nothing)
  • Every bid increases the price a little: by 1 cent
  • The last participant to place a bid wins the auction. Often, products sell for 20-30% of retail price

What is the organizer’s profit in a Penny Auction?

Each participant pays 7-10, or sometimes even 50 times more, to the auction to be allowed to bid. For example, in this last case, every 100 bids for 1 cent brings $51 in revenue to the auction. And a real iPhone that sold for the rediculous price of 125 USD earned the auction’s owner 6,374.50 USD. Impressive?

This isn’t considered gambling in most of the world’s countries. Penny Auction’s work success-fully in the US, many EU countries, and even in the Islamic states of the Persian Gulf.

The look: There are 3 different basic looks. We can also simply change the colours in any of these styles or develop a custom style especially for you.

Additionally, it’s possible to automatically change the website title bar style according to season (autumn/winter/spring/summer), holidays, etc. Logo design and advertizing banners for the home page are usually custom made for each client individually.

Marketing possibilities: an affiliate program to attract new customers through other sites, advertizing coupons with free bids for new participants, contributions according to the “invite a friend” principle.

SEO & promo-opportunities: news sections, blogs, e-mail newsletter distribition.

Integration with social networking sites & SMO: It’s possible to link to a profile on most popular social networking sites, create an “I like” button, create a fan page, use a single login name for the auction and social networking websites or other media (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Friend-feed).

Currency: EUR, USD, could potentially use any currency. By default, the auction doesn’t use multiple currencies. Bids are credited and accepted only in a single currency. All Penny Auction systems are like this.

Payment systems: PayPal, Moneybookers, SOFORT Direct eBanking. There’s no problem to connect any payment system you want or direct bank processing.


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